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case. mike pence asked the department of natural resources to explain charges against that couple pell. next the bad, they look like the real thing but they're not. investigators confiscated more than $13 worth of phony nfl merchandise over the past five months. operation red zone shut down 3 #00 sites selling the gear. the ugly. a shocking smash and grab caught on camera. take a look at thieves driving a stolen s.u.v. through a kay jeweler's in california. the guys used hammers to smash the display cases and snatched the jewelry before taking off. that merchandise $13 million worth of merchandise. >> earlier in the show we were asking when it comes to the super bowl this weekend are you more interested in the commercials or games? >> kphrergss during --
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commercials during the super bowl are like comedians who entertain you between acts. >> thanks to everybody who responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. everyone have a great day and wonderful weekend. >> see you on monday. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. tgif. it's friday and it's february 1. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. a rough ride for president obama's pick to run the pentagon. what former senator chuck hagel said that have many people no longer worried about his views but his competence. >>steve: this is your pilot sleeping. the veteran pilot who was supposed to land that airplane passed out behind the control is what happened. we did wind up scrambling a fire truck if that tells you anything. let's go down to brian
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kilmeade at the super bowl. i know it's a special day if he gives me an introduction to the cold open. i'm awake now but it was an extremely late night. my trip to bourbon street. >> nowhere on bourbon street would you find santa claus partying. >>brian: that's an interesting hat. i will not be bringing it back. the real nfl experience live from new orleans. that's where we are. "fox & friends" starts now. [music]
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>>brian: that is the tulane marching band. they were there. we have the tulane cheerleaders as well. it's early for them. to the right we've got the louisiana national guard. they have been a busy group over the past ten years between katrina and the b.p. disaster. of course we have some of the finest football players in louisiana. they are all under 8 years old. they are in the locker room putting on their eye black. over there the new orleans saints cheerleaders all part of the fun this morning over at the nfl experience. >>steve: that is awesome. brian, did you have to call every one of those people with a wakeup call? i don't think we've had that many people live on "fox & friends" at 6:00 a.m. eastern, 5:00 a.m. your time. >>brian: steve, i did and it took awhile.
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some needed a return call because they didn't get up right away. this marching band is privileged to be out here. they are pumped up to be part of the nfl experience. the band is pumped up. they haven't been back since katrina. they have had the super bowl before. since that time, you had the b.p. disaster last year, katrina in 2005. this city is ready to show off how much they improved. >>gretchen: brian, so glad you made it there after the weather we experienced here. you're looking ready to go for the weekend. we'll be back in touch in a moment. we have too bring people up to speed on headlines. a third day of tense hostage situation. this is alabama. that man is still holding a boy in an underground bunker. cops haven't released the name but he's known to stay in the bunker for up to
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eight days. and he holds anti-american views. cops say the boy is being allowed to take medication and watch tv. >> an alaska airlines flight heading for seattle forced to make an emergency landing after one of the pilots reportedly passed out. the copilot landed the plane safely in portland. the pilot was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. no one else was hurt. >> wicked weather causing massive pileups in the midwest. this is the scene in detroit. heavy snow and whiteout conditions leading to the wreck. at least three people were killed including two children. around 300 cars were involved in a chain-reaction crash. in indianapolis, similar conditions caused a 40-car pileup leaving seven people hurt. a little farther down the road three elephants were seen stranded. a tractor carrying the animals slid off the road, but the elephants were not
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hurt. >> syria and iran threatening to attack israel for its airstrike on a weapons convoy inside the country of syria. israel saying it did target the convoy to prevent hezbollah from obtaining russian-made surface-to-air missiles. many world leaders fearing extremists would get their hands on the weapons as syria's civil war wages on. syria says the weapons convoy didn't exist and the israeli jets attacked a military facility outside damascus. israel's first strike inside syria since 2007. that may have been what hillary clinton meant when she said yesterday after giving up the secretary of state post that the world is a very difficult place right now. >>steve: it is. yesterday chuck hagel had a rough first day. he would like to be our next secretary of defense. his appearance was rambling. he was stapl pherg. "the new york daily news" this morning writes whatever president obama sees in chuck hagel, it was largely invisible as he faced his former
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colleagues. if you missed the testimony, we had it largely here on the channel yesterday. here he is tangling with john mccain over the troop surge in iraq which mr. hagel opposed. >> if you would like me to explain why -- >> i actually would like an answer. yes or no? >> i'm not going to give you a yes or no. i think it's far more complicated that, as i've said. my answer is i'll defer that judgment to history. >> i think history has already made a judgment about the surge, sir, and you're on the wrong side of it. >> do i think it is right that israel was committing a, quote, sickening slaughter as you said on the floor of the senate? >> i would like to read all of it, what i said. first, i said many, many times, senator, every nation has a right to defend itself. >> do you think a sickening slaughter would constitute a war crime? >> no. depends on, they were attacked. depends on many factors.
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>> why do you think that the iranian foreign ministry so strongly supports your nomination to be the secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics, and, senator, i have no idea. but thank you. >>steve: the iranians love him, brian. >>brian: it is unbelievable. he did not understand about containment. did not understand what the president's policy was but at least did not make it clear. when you talk about containment, that means we're going to allow iran to get nuclear weapons but try to contain them. that is not the policy you would think the president would want his new secretary of defense to have because it is not his policy. i thought it was stunning they played two clips that senator cruz, who is coming out like a bulldog in his first two weeks in office, he played two cuts from his interview with a jazeera where he did not deny that america is a bully and did not say he disagrees with their conclusion that israel is committing war
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crimes. he was battered and beaten from the "wall street journal" to liberals like peter bynehart who said i do not see what the president sees in him. what about the "washington post"? hagel has been shaky thus far. the brookings institute, this is a tough job in government. he needs to be better. senator rubio says he's not going to get my vote. i don't know what he does today to change thing. >>gretchen: probably going to be a close vote. many people speculating he will be able to pass through but not with a lot of criticism and confusion about the choice. you maybe have to look at the political landscape as to why the president would pick somebody. keep in mind, this was a republican. so was this more about politics than anything else? let's hear from liz cheney. she was on sean hannity's show last night. >> i think this is the worst performance, frankly, i can recall not just by a senior nominee, but by any nominee up for
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confirmation. across the board. senator hagel came into this today with a lot of very concerning policy views that have been well aired, that raise legitimate concerns. but after watching the performance, he's left real questions about had i competence. it was embarrassing because you had to sit back and think, wait a second, this is the man the president of the united states wants to put in command of our armed forces. first of all, think about the obligation that we have to the men and women in uniform. we owe them the best. this certainly is not the best. we watched his performance today by somebody who fails to comprehend the most fundamental threats that we face as a nation. at one point in his testimony, he also talked about the fact that he didn't imagine he'd be in charge of anything. this was really -- you couldn't make up how sort of baffled and dazed and confused he appeared. >>steve: it was not very good. let me say something nice about chuck hagel. he's got an outstanding combat career. he was a leader in vietnam. he had two purple hearts. and if he were selected to head up the department of
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defense, he would be the first enlisted man to serve as the civilian head of the pentagon. lets see what happens. stay tuned. you'll see it all right here on fox. let's go back down to brian. brian, yesterday you were out on bourbon street, which is a name -- which is named that because there are so many churches on that street? >>brian: exactly, steve. you have looked at your history. that's actually right. here's the deal. i want to give you a sense of what it's like at super bowl weekend. thursday is a pretty big day. wednesday they say was kind of quiet. i want to walk down the street, see a few parades, meet some of the people and store owners. this is what you might be missing if you were not on bourbon street last night. >> for the tenth time, new orleans has the super bowl and i get the sense, although it's been quite a few years, they remember how to host it.
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>> only on bourbon street would you find santa claus partying for mardi gras. >> and you fit right? babe's caberet. i love babe ruth. something i can relate to. now i know what makes this famous -- new orleans famous for a lot of things, including cigars. >> we're the only ones in the city, actually in the state that hand rolls our own cigars. this is good stuff. >>brian: what super bowl night party would be complete in new orleans without fireworks. it signals the party is just getting started. for me, it means i should go home. an example of some of the cuisine. where is this from? this is from gallitori's.
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let me give you an example of what's coming up here. we showed you the band. we showed you the cheerleaders. over to my right, harry cor son, marcus allen, two hall of famers talking about the pressure on both teams straight ahead and also the pressure to make football safe. how do they feel about the new trend, the president coming out and saying if i had a son, i don't think he'd be playing this game. that's all coming up straight ahead in this hour on "fox & friends." >>gretchen: so much stuff going on down there. so exciting. i wish you could bring that food back to us. i'm a little envious about that. >>steve: we got three hours live from, you know, bourbon street, the french quarter and new orleans. brian, thank you very much. coming up. >>gretchen: tax to the max from progolfers to
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tiger woods to tina turner. are the president's policies to blame? coming up next. >>steve: who says they can't be friends? >> hello. >> there you go. >> give it to him. that's all i got. >>steve: what could possibly go wrong? meet one mailman's four-legged helper. you're watching "fox & friends" live from new york friends" live from new york and new orleans. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. with fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food. (announcer) plusmake mornings special, mornings are delicious protein rich entrees with gden veggies and egg. fancy feast mornings.
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3:18 am
>> he was the very symbol of the city itself. brave, funny, outspoken and sharp. ed koch brought new york city back from the brink when he was elected mayor in 1977. >> nobody thought i could win, but i got my message out and people believed it and they voted for me. it was a shock. >> he was born in 1924 in newark, new jersey, served in world war ii and took on the democratic tammany hall of the 1960's as a reformed democrat before being elected councilman, congressman and finally moving to city hall where he inherited a city besieged by crime, public unrest and near bankruptcy. >> new york is a great city, but the big apple does not grow in the garden of eden. >> by force of his personality, he put new york back on the path to solvency. >> when i came in, the city was in a state of short-term debt of $6 billion, which we had to
3:19 am
eliminate over a four-year period. and we did it over a three-year period. and i'm very proud of what we did. >> he created a $1 billion housing program that wiped out abandoned ghettos and always forcefully spoke out on local and international issues. >> he's the only man i know who speaks to god as an associate. [laughter] >> after three terms, he was defeated in 1989. but that didn't stop him from writing and remaining involved in public issues as a private and beloved citizen. >> as i said when i left office, i'm never going to retire. i expect to die at this desk. >> koch, who never married, described himself as a liberal with sanity. >> a whacko i'm not. >> he often endorsed republicans and was known for his independent, passionate and spirited
3:20 am
ways. he even picked out a new york city grave site because, he said, he didn't ever want to leave manhattan. ed koch, a new york original, remembered with much affection and respect. >>gretchen: sad news this morning. ed koch was 88 years old. he had been fighting illness for the last couple of weeks. >>steve: more bad news from the labor department this week. first time unemployment claims are up, 368,000 for the week, ending january 26. >>gretchen: the biggest indicator of our economy's condition, the unemployment rate, will be released a few hours from now. here with a preview, charles payne filling in for stu varney today. >> big day. good morning. the street is looking for 165,000 jobs in the unemployment rate to stay at about 7.8%. again, that wouldn't be great news, to be quite frank with you. but we've become accustomed to sort of mediocrity.
3:21 am
maybe that would be what wall street wants or needs to get to new highs with the stock market. >>gretchen: what do you make of the latest situation where some high-profile successful people in america have spoken out about this tax revolt, that they don't really want to pay these taxes? >> they're crying uncle or uncle sam. after awhile when you squeeze tight and tight and tight -- of course last week phil mickelson was at the brunt of it but he's not the first one. tiger woods came out to his defense and said i left california a long time because of the crazy taxes. by the way, you guys know proposition 30, which layers on. imagine paying 43% to the federal government and another 13% to your state. there is a point where you say enough is enough. i've done my fair share. >>steve: why live in that state when you can move to another state like florida or texas where they don't have -- >> there's been a massive exodus out of california for a long period of time. if phil wanted to move, he'd be on the highway for
3:22 am
hours trying to get out. >>gretchen: next, two days before the big game and harry carson, marcus allen hanging out with brian live. coming up next. eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus.
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>>brian: we're two days away from the kickoff of super bowl xlvii. that's not the only story dominating the headlines. everyone has been talking about from the president on down, performance-enhancing drugs and how they have tarnished the profession.
3:26 am
for example, fran tarkington. >> these drugs are in high school, college, profootball and nobody is talking about them. when you talk about the safety of football, when you have these drugs in your body you're putting on 50, 60, 70 pounds. the collisions are more intense because of the size and speed of the players. therefore, you're going to have more injury, more concussions, more brain damage than we've ever seen before. and lord knows we've seen enough of it. >>brian: are we really turning a blind eye when it comes to drugs in profootball? when you talk about safety, if we don't talk about performance enhancers are we addressing it? turning to two guys who lived it. harry carson, super bowl champion and still a captain today. a privilege to have you. marcus allen. no super bowl would be complete if we don't do a marcus allen interview. super bowl m.v.p. and hall of famers both of you. safety, harry, you were the
3:27 am
first to talk about head injuries in this game as hard as you play, as hard as you hit. now we're coming around to it. do you think anything will get done? >> i think the way we play the game will be changed a little bit. it's all about trying to keep the head out of the game in terms of hitting and helmet-to-helmet hits and so forth. you can't really regulate. it's going to be up to the players to be trained not to use their heads in making plays. >>brian: you know what happened in belcher might be related. you know what happened to esau, shot himself in the chest. up until 1982, no 300 pounderrs in the nfl. now there are.
3:28 am
>> testing is going to be critical. i think guys are bigger and stronger because of nutrition. i think advances in workout training, all these different things. i just wouldn't just say endorse what fran tarkenton said. but certainly there's going to be isolated cases where we have to -- >> weight training is significantly better and more. weight training is taking place now than when fran came or i came into the league. guys, they train year round. >> when i played, i don't know about marcus, we knew we couldn't spend all our time in the weight room. >> they say i was the jane fonda of the national football league, because i all i did was stretch. >>brian: when it comes to prostate cancer, guys want no part of it. what is the message? >> we partnered with urology care and the nfl to
3:29 am
get a message out to men to know their stats with regard to prostate cancer. it is the second-leading cause of death in terms of cancer with men. but it's very treatable if you get it in time, if you get it early. it is 100% curable after five years, if you get it in time. there are so many men who are afraid to go to the doctor and get checked. i've been getting checked. >> we just want guys to go to the doctor and get their prostate care. that's all we want guys to do. you're right. guys will not go to the doctor. girls do, but guys won't. that's the message. if you're over 40, go see a doctor. >>brian: marcus allen, harry carson, two of the brightest, best personalities out here, thanks for spending quality time with me. still ahead on this show, one puppy that's eager to help the mailman. >> hello. hello. there you go.
3:30 am
go give it to him. that's all i got. >>brian: meet the four-legged helper next. plan on kicking back to watch the super bowl with a nice cold beer and wings. dig deep in your pocket. happy birthday to don everly. everly. he's 76. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build
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>>gretchen: fox news alert. we continue to follow that tense hostage situation in alabama entering its third day today. police still negotiating with the gunman holding a five-year-old boy in an underground bunker. >>steve: live in midland city, alabama, with the very latest. what do we know? >> good morning to you. another 24 excruciating hours for this community that is trying to stay focused and not get frustrated with knowing very little about these ongoing talks with this gentleman underground holding this five-year-old boy in this bunker that he constructed himself. police say the suspect in this case has been known to stay underground for up to eight days at a time. police say he may have supplies to stay underneath for three weeks. animation this shows what we believe this bunker may look like. this community is holding
3:35 am
vigil, prayer services to release this five-year-old boy he has now held for more than three days. >> trying to bring the community together to pray for the safety of this young child and the safe release to get him back to his family as quickly as possible. >> he needs to be back with his family. if i could go over and get him, i'd go get him. >> they are continuing to negotiate with this gentleman through a p.v.c. pipe that is about four inches in diameter. he can stay under ground for several days at a time. ere is certainly an airs of anxiousness beginning to kick in here. >>steve: do we have any idea why the guy had a bunker >> yeah. he's known to the area as a survivalist, antigovernment. kind of a doomsday preper they described him. that's one of the reasons they say he had been out for a couple of years at nighttime, very late at night digging this bunker,
3:36 am
trying to prepare for these types of scenarios. >>gretchen: i feel horrible for the family of that little boy. another fox news alert. moments ago we learned former new york city mayor ed koch has died at a new york city hospital. koch was being treated for fluid build-up in his lungs. he was moved to intensive care yesterday. koch was hospitalized monday, two days after he had been released from another hospital. he was forced to miss the premier of a documentary about his life tuesday because of his health problems. koch who had heart surgery in 2009 was hospitalized twice late last year. ed koch was 88 years old. >>steve: and beloved by new yorkers. a warning this morning about something that might be in your medicine cabinet. the company that makes triminic and thera flu recalling units. the recall is due to reports that children were able to open the child-proof caps. not supposed to be able to do that. at least one child needed
3:37 am
medical attention. >>gretchen: looks like mailmen and dogs, they're no longer enemies. watch this. >> there you go. give it to them. that's all i got. have a nice day. go give it to him. >>gretchen: a golden retriever in cape cod does that every day. the mail man says this pooch greets him at the fence and asks in his own way to deliver the mail. very cute story. >>steve: see our golden retriever would take that letter and bury it in the backyard. >>gretchen: hopefully it was a bill. >>steve: this is president obama's second super bowl in office, so we thought we'd look at what has changed over the last four years, especially when it comes to the money you're spending. going in and having a cold one at the super bowl party? the price for beer up 6.5% from four years ago. everybody loves chicken? for super bowl 43 chicken
3:38 am
legs were 51 cents a pound. now it is 65. paying over 14% more. want a burger as you watch the big game, dig deeper. need cheddar on that burger, that's up 19%. $5.87 a pound. beef itself up 26% from 2009 to $3.08 a pound. talk about pain at the pump. if you need to fill up your car or your vehicle on the way to the super bowl bash, gas soared more than 56% since super bowl 43. the average price for a gallon of gas back then $1.93. now it's $3.42. >>gretchen: brian, i hope you went to the a.t.m. before you went off on your flight yesterday because it sounds like you're going to need a lot of cash to do all the partying that you plan on doing. >>brian: absolutely. i really don't want to work. i just am here to just have a good time. that is why my expense report is always like a circus. right behind me is the louisiana national guard. i want you to meet
3:39 am
people -- or re-meet people you met when the new orleans saints were lucky enough to get into the super bowl. these are the new orleans saint cheerleaders. ladies, how happy are you to be here? i want you to meet danielle. first off, we met you before. >> you met me in miami when the saints were in their first super bowl ever. >>brian: what are your jobs now? the saints didn't make it, but new orleans did. their tenth super bowl. what do they have you doing? >> our main job this week is to play host to all the hundreds of thousands of people that are flooding new orleans right now. we're not in the game so we have no stress about who is going to win. it don't matter to us. we want to make sure that everybody coming to our city is enjoying the nfl and the best of what new orleans has to offer. >>brian: we'll see if there is rivalry between the ravens cheerleaders who are here and the 49ers cheerleaders who are here. one theme throughout this super bowl, the first one since katrina slammed new orleans really heart. courtney, you know this pretty well, don't you?
3:40 am
>> yes, sir. unfortunately, i do. i was a victim of katrina as well as many other people here, lost a house and a business. but the people of this aerokwrar are very strong-willed and they have a great spirit about them and a great sense of community, and they built back stronger and better. we're excited to be hosting the super bowl and show everybody everything we accomplished. >>brian: as great as it is to be new orleans saints cheerleaders, they need other jobs. they have great jobs, great careers and they still have smiles on their faces at 5 a.m. in the morning. back to you, guys. steve and gretchen, you've been editing our week in review, all the best moments that occurred together. >>steve: there were so many, we had to be selective about it. it's been quite a week here on the curvey couch, i guess you could say that there's been a lot of highlights. let's take a look at what you missed this week.
3:41 am
>>gretchen: good morning everybody. >>brian: sounds like a good show. don't let us down. >>steve: the germiest places in the office. iran has just launched a monkey into space. we have worked hard and booked a spider monkey named tarzan. >> he's looking at his reflection. pwroeufp my final -- >>brian: my final thought is i'd like to travel with tarzan. >>gretchen: are you coming back or just going into space? we're really going to miss you. the monkey is a little dizzy at this hour of the morning. >>brian: you think monkey. i think stuart varney. >>gretchen: i'm getting very dizzy. >>steve: i understand you're doing something later today in times square? you're going to be knitting in times square? >> we'll discuss that another time.
3:42 am
>>gretchen: of course a cutie. i'd rather talk about the diet coke guy. you know what the best thing about that shot is? you don't need tooth paste. i tried to learn how to drive a stick shift. i tried with my then-boyfriend in high school in a parking lot. he also tried to teach me to parallel park. >>steve: you guys got a lot of stuff in that car. what are we talking about today? >> stick shift. you push the clutch in and let the clutch out slowly. >>brian: i got to go to the super bowl. see you later. who is taking over for me? you have to wear the spacesuit the final half-hour. >>gretchen: good morning. one thing we left out of that, brian, could you check your coat pocket. can you see a monitor? what do you always steal from me on a daily basis? >>brian: a pen. and i don't have one. >>gretchen: you took mine yesterday as you rushed off
3:43 am
for new orleans. >>brian: right. luckily, i did remember to bring my monkey. >>steve: way to go. do not try anything crazy there and do not launch it into space. >>brian: don't travel without it. keeps me warm. >>steve: brian's going to be live down at the super bowl all morning and tomorrow and the next day and the next day as well. going to be a good shoefplt shoefplt -- show. one nation under a allah. should students recite the pledge in arabic? >>gretchen: an update on randy travis's trouble with randy travis's trouble with the law. twins. i didn't see them coming.
3:44 am
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3:47 am
u.s. embassy in turkey. a number of people reportedly hurt. no word on what caused the explosion. we'll update you as soon as we get more information. singer randy travis may be able to avoid the jail house rock. he's been sentenced to at least 30 days of rehab and community service for driving drunk naked last summer. he's going to spend 180 days behind bars in clothes if he gets into trouble again. and that's the news. >>gretchen: thanks, steve. it's a debate getting hotter by the day. a colorado school changing the words to the pledge of allegiance. first it was french and spanish. now they have come under fire for reciting the pledge in arabic. coming up next we have a fox news contributor. liz stern, founder of good morning, ladies. this is the cultural club at this high school. they asked a principal if
3:48 am
it was okay to first do the pledge in french, spanish and later in the week arabic. katie, have a problem with it? >> absolutely. we've seen throughout history that civilization is put together and held together by one language. whether you're a person of religion with tower of babel, we know that language is essential to having an economy and country that stays together. this is a public school and the language used by the government of the united states most often is tkpwhreurb, english and these kids should be reciting the pledge of allegiance in english. >>gretchen: liz? >> i understand what you're saying. but i also believe if the children are speaking other languages, they should be allowed to say the pledge of allegiance in their languages. we live in a melting pot here in the united states where there are many different cultures and children speak many different languages and i feel they should be allowed to say the pledge of allegiance in their language if that's something they choose to do. >>gretchen: the thing for
3:49 am
me, ladies, i guess i break it down on to what they were actually reciting. if they were reciting a nursery rhyme, then i don't think we'd be having this discussion. they were reciting the pledge of allegiance, which is our patriotic pledge to this country. and in fact, the immigration debate on capitol hill right now, one of the tenets of the senate's bipartisan commission is that immigrants coming to this country learn how to speak english. katie? >> we are supposed to be a melting pot, and that's why we have these diverse clubs on college campuses, diversity programs and organizations dedicated to that. but the fact is we've seen the melting pot turn into singling people out into groups. in terms of this happening in the public school system, let's not forget the controversial la raza study program in tucson, arizona, that turned into segregation. we've got to make sure this isn't about singling people out but rather coming together as americans.
3:50 am
>>gretchen: the principal says we have a tremendous amount of diversity in our school. this is very american when they pledge of allegiance to the united states. they are just using another language as their vehicle. i guess if you played devil's advocate or switched it around, it seems you can't say god in school any more but now you can say allah in the pledge of allegiance. i think that's what some people have a problem with. >> i understand that. again, it is a personal opinion, and everybody has the right to choose and they can say what they want to say. at the end of the day, i don't think anybody should be changing any words. and i think that the pledge of allegiance should be allowed to be said in that language of choice. >>gretchen: got to wrap it up. katie, liz, have a fantastic weekend. speaking of god, i give god 10%. why do you get 18? the unlikely tip from an unlikely source. that was what she wrote on the bill.
3:51 am
plus, at two big people stopping by "fox & friends" next. brian's got the gator by the tail. the tail. oops, that's not brian. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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3:54 am
>>steve: we're having a great time at the convention center. we talk about super bowl xlvii but you cannot come to new orleans and not talk about a brand-new season of swamp people.
3:55 am
its fourth season on the history channel, a run-away success. i just found out there are swamps everywhere. welcome to all of you. does the alligator have a name? because i feel his presence? he looks angry. >> yeah. this is elizabeth's brother. >> he will be all right. >>brian: now let's say you find yourself in with a gator. you're the type of guy that would actually subdue the gator; right? i call you up. i say i've got a problem. there is a gator four people from me and i have cheerleaders to protect to my left. take a look. what would you do? how would you subdue him? >> shoot him. >>brian: you don't shoot him. they end up like his boots. there you go. just slide him on. how would you? >> come in here.
3:56 am
whack. >>brian: okay. i'm happier now. troy, here we are. we're go to start our fourth season. r.j., keep an eye on this guy. about to start our fourth season. how do you explain the success of "the swamp people"? >> people love swamp people. i think they like the danger of the alligators, the excitement. some might like the beauty of the swamps. people love the show for whatever reason. >>brian: you just kicked it? r.j., is a swamp just really a forest with water? >> yeah. you're right. a swamp is a forest with water in it. >>brian: some people run from that. you live in that? >> that's right. i was born and raised in the swamp. >>brian: a lot of flies? >> mosquitoes a little bit. >>brian: why aren't you worried about this? this is an alligator. he's got so many teeth, i lost count. >> that's what we do.
3:57 am
we're at home. >>brian: you're at home right now? we have natural turf. >> this is like a poodle to phaoefplt phaoefplt -- to me. >>brian: it is like an alligator to me. what is it like walking these streets on bourbon street, the super bowl is back, but everybody knows you unlike ten years ago? >> it's fun. everybody says r.j., watch the swamp people. everything is great. >>brian: is he recognizing the people you're wearing, the boots? why is he staring at your shoes? >> he knows, he messes up, he's going to be the next one. >>brian: guys, thanks for coming down. good luck on your season, starts february 14, thursday, 9:00. we could not come down here and not talk to you. if you don't mind, take him away because drew brees is coming up next. we're live at the convention center.
3:58 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is friday, february 1, 2013. each gretchen i'm gretchen carl. outside turkey, there has been an explosion and reports of several injuries. we will have the latest on what's going on there. >> steve: hammered on the hill. the former senator from nebraska confused as he was peppered with questions about our national security. will ergate pass? will he pass? will he be the secretary of defense? a live report from d.c now let's go to new orleans. >> brian: steve, i give 10%. why do you get 18%? hear from the pastor who left that note straight ahead instead of a tip. "fox & friends" starts right
4:02 am
now. >> brian: that's the tulane marching band. not pictured here to my immediate right, the international guard from louisiana. been quite busy overt last few years between katrina and the bp disaster. they're glad to have the super bowl back and we're glad to be here. while we're doing the show, i cannot believe how much news is breaking around the world. >> gretchen: exactly. let's get to your headlines. there has been an explosion in front of the u.s. embassy in the
4:03 am
turkish appearcal. new video, live pictures now of what's going on in turkey. several people were injured and a.p. reports there was a possible death in the explosion. no word of the explosion -- if it was accidental or act of terror. we will keep you updated throughout the rest of the show on what has happened in turkey. another fox news alert. moments ago we learned former new york city mayor ed koch has died at a new york city hospital. he is being treated for fluid build-up in his lungs. he was moved to intensive care yesterday. he was hospitalized monday, two days after he was released from another hospital stay and forced to miss the premiere about the documentary about his life because his health problems. koch, who had heart surgery in 2009, was hospitalized twice late last year. he was 88 years old. also happening overnight, veteran pilot passes out on an
4:04 am
alaskan airline flight. copilot landed it safely in oregon. the pilot lost consciousness, taken to the hospital. no word on his condition or why it happened. no one else was hurt. he didn't just use a gun on tv. tom sellic, one of the celebrities locked and loaded, he's a board member of the nra. other stars with guns whoopie goldberg, a member of the nra, james earl jones, who says law abiding citizens need guns since criminals carry guns. rob lowe carries a gun. and donald trump, a gonna friend of our show. today is national wear red day. that's why you'll see folks in red. why? because it is in honor of people becoming more informed about heart disease, specifically for
4:05 am
women. did you know it's the number within killer for women? many people don't know that. that's the tenth annual annual wear red day. >> steve: you can wear the team colors on sunday. today wear red. chuck hagel seeing red yesterday. he's back in the hot seat today at his confirmation hearing on capitol hill. will he be the secretary of defense? now peter doocy live in washington. >> there is no for cabinet positions. but defense says the secretary of defense is responsible for the formulation of general defense policy and president obama's nominee to be the next defense secretary had a hard time handling questions about some recent defense policy successes like the 2007 troop surge in iraq. >> will you please answer the question? will were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most
4:06 am
dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? were you correct or incorrect? yes or no? >> my reference to the -- >> will you answer the question, senator hagel? the question is, were you right or wrong? that's a pretty straightforward question. i would like to answer whether you were right or wrong and then you are free elaborate. >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no answer. >> let the record show he refuses to anti-question. >> a senior obama administration official says it was shocking and dispinting that there were more questions about the war in iraq then about the ongoing war in afghanistan and that official also acknowledged hagel's long day on the hill wasn't perfect. but they think he tried in good faith to answer questions about past statements. as we saw, there was intense interest in his prior remarks about israel and iran. >> why do you think that the
4:07 am
iranian foreign ministry so strongly supports your nomination to be secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics, senator. i have no idea. but thank you. >> next thursday is the earliest the senate armed services committee could vote on his nomination. that's according to the committee chairman, democratic senator carl levin. back to you in new york. >> steve: thank you very much. they did vote on capitol hill earlier this week and john kerry is the new secretary of state. today is actually hillary's last day. yesterday she was at the council for foreign relations and the president over there said john kerry has some very large monolo blonics to fill. those are shoes, brian. >> brian: i had no idea. >> gretchen: those are women's shoes. you guys probably don't want to be caught in them. >> steve: probably not. they're high heels. >> brian: i will say this, i'm fascinated that everyone is
4:08 am
saying that the secretary of state is one of the best ever, i don't think there is a lot there. if you look at the pure resume, she may have laid the groundwork, but in terms of impact, russia hasn't been reset. the arab spring, we're hardly ahead of that curve. iran is closer to a nuclear weapon. relations with israel are anything but smooth all these years later, 4 1/2 years later. but she leaves with about a 80% approval rating. >> steve: she also has that stain on her resume of benghazi. during the question and answer sequence at the council of foreign relations yesterday, she said, we know leadership has its cost that ambassador chris stevens and the other three americans understood that danger and, quote, we must always strive to be worthy of that honor. >> gretchen: secretary of state coming in, john kerry, has a huge job. we got so many problems all around the world. we've got the explosion in turkey this morning. don't know if that's a terrorist
4:09 am
attack. we got syria, the mali and al-qaeda growing in northern africa. not to mention the nuclear problems in iran and north korea and you could go on and on and on. so huge job. let's look back on hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. i guess we have a little fun with this [ laughter ] ♪ . ♪ ♪ . >> my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. you ask my opinion, i will tell you. i'm not going to be channeling
4:10 am
my husband. ♪ . >> let me thank my dear friend, secretary clinton. [ laughter ] >> i almost said president clinton. [ laughter ] >> hillary was like, seriously, though, would you. >> gretchen: she gets to sleep in at least for a while. then all of the gossip will start about whether or not she will run for president. >> steve: she gets to sleep in until she starts waking up early for the pancake breakfasts in iowa. >> brian: let's talk about something i can relate to. if you wanted to take me to a formal restaurant, said, brian, i have a place with table cloths, i would say, find may fridays or appleby's.
4:11 am
and that's where we find our next story, appleby's. when it comes to tips, i wear khaki and i lived on tips for a lot of years and i feel for the waitress in this last story. >> steve: sure. in fact, we're going to take to you st. louis, the appleby's in suburban st. louis there. and apparently a group of eight -- remember, if it's a group of eight or more, they automatically tack on 18% tip. but a pastor of all people, was in charge of writing the credit card receipt and here it is heard around the world. there is the pastor. on the receipt you can see she writes, i give 10% to god. why do you get 18%? next to the actual tip, there is a zero. although, now that it hit the fan, she and the other people at the people say, the 18% was on there, plus we did leave other cash. >> gretchen: yeah, they say they left 6.29 on the table. she regrets now having written
4:12 am
that. here is the pastor. looking at t is like 18% gratuity. i was like, oh, man. i just said it out of my man. i give god 10. why should i give you 18? i'm sorry i wrote it. it was dumb of me. >> steve: shear what happened, brian. the waitress who was their server was -- said hey, that's funny. showed it to another waitress by the name of chelsea welch who took a picture of it with her phone, then posted it on-line, then it ricocheted around the internet. the next thing you know she called to complain about the server. chelsea welch, who took a picture of it, she got fired and now she's horrified that she would get fired over just showing what happened. >> brian: evidently she wrote, i'm sure jesus will pay my cent groceries and posted it as a
4:13 am
light heart joke. but appleby's is down one fine waitress and appleby's is sorry abouthe whole thing. i say no more notes. let them do the math. >> gretchen: you would know formerly working at bennigan's, you would know all about that. look where you ended up. >> brian: right. with waitresses, alligators and the u.s. national guard. so it's fantastic. >> gretchen: i know. coming up on "fox & friends," talking about pay to play, if you've got dreams of being a u.s. ambassador, it will cost you big bucks. >> steve: plus, is the honorary mayor of new orleans. now drew brees live with brian as we roll on from new orleans and new york. morning, ladies look what mommy is having.
4:14 am
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>> brian: drew brees has been an active player on and off the field. he immediately became involved in hurricane katrina recovery and best known for that as he signed with the saints and helped rebuild and is helping his adopted hometown as they are hosting super bowl xlvii. joining us now, a guy who wants to play but if he can't play, he's an ambassador. nfl star quarterback drew brees. he'll be talking about x box shortly. great to see you. >> thank you, you, too. >> brian: i think this city reminds me of rebuild. i mean, rebuild, after 9-11, 2002, we're in new orleans. tanks in the street. new orleans is hosting the game. then katrina. everyone thought the super dome has to be rebuilt. they rebuilt it, then the bp disaster. then bounty gate after that. it has not been easy being a new orleans saint. >> it has not. there has been a lot going on over the last decade in this
4:18 am
town. but i tell you what, the people here are so resilient. when it comes to putting on an event and making sure people are taken care of and showing them a good time, the city knows how to do it. that's why they've hosted ten super bowls. >> brian: i know you've been unbelievable on the field, but i think you won over the city for when you said i'm -- what you've done off the field. whose decision was that? n my wife and i sat down during that kind of free agency process and it was between new orleans and miami. it was like, we felt a coming to call to new orleans. to be part of the rebirth of this city. really our mindset the whole time was we just want to do our part. we've been blessed with so much and certainly we have this great opportunity, but so many people are in need and we really have the chance to touch a lot of lives. we feel like we've been blessed so much, we just want to be able to give back.
4:19 am
>> brian: there has been controversy, they took a while to sign you and the problems with everybody else. but you know the 49ers pretty well. i believe you guys played the 49ers after kaperknack came on board. are you ready fort super bowl after nine games? >> i'm sure people would have said is he ready to start against the chicago bears in his first start? he came out and played spectacular. is he ready to go on the road and win a big game in the playoffs? and he's done that. so seems like any time somebody raises a question, answers. they're a good team well coached. they really have so much talent on both sides of the ball. and i think what i respect most is they got so close last year, obviously losing in overtime, the nfc championship game. at times it can be hard to come back from something like that and not only did they come back, but here they are playing for a world championship. >> brian: i want to talk about where i caught up to you last
4:20 am
year. x box. i'm always fascinate to do see players play with themselves because you're depicted in x box. what's that like? do you do that a lot in your down time? >> a lot of guys play, x box. but the new thing is kyect for x box. that's really what's so great about this interactive gaming. it's not sitting on the couch working your thumbs. you're actually out, running, boxing, you're dancing, they got the nike knkt. it's great way to stay in shape. for kids, especially in the wintertime, it's getting dark early and maybe you can't go outside to play, it's a great way to stay inside, get your 60 minutes of exercise a day. >> brian: real estating your book, i understand you can relate to alex. can you relate to alex smith, who started, brought him into
4:21 am
overtime last year and very close to the super bowl and now have to watch from the side lines? >> i have to say this, when i got benched, i did enough things to lose my job. alex smith never did anything to lose his job. >> brian: he had a head injury. >> he only -- all did he was play well and got a concussion and that opened up the opportunity for collin. obviously that was controversial at the time. which guy do you go with? you've got the young talented guy that is only going to get better with reps and then this veteran guy in alex smith. but they got two great quarterbacks. they're playing for it all right now. so you can't really argue the decision. but i think alex smith is a tremendous quarterback. a tough guy that -- >> brian: he'll be starting somewhere next year. no doubt when you're done in four or five years, you go into the booth and doing this. drew brees, thank you for coming down. congratulations on your success, contract and look for the saints to be back soon. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, a
4:22 am
terrifying hostage situation. a five-year-old boy being held underground in a bunker. we head to alabama live with a report. then the regulation nation has reached your cooler. yep, the feds regulating your beer. that story coming up next. ♪ one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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4:25 am
>> steve: quick news by the numbers on this friday morning. first up, $2 million. that's how much you might have to donate in order to be considered for the position of ambassador to great britain. 2,000 bucks, that's according to researchers that looked at the influence of campaign contribution examines diplomatic appointments. britain being considered the
4:26 am
most wanted of all the ambassador posts. next, 100. that's how many smith and nephew employees are out of a job thanks to obamacare. the global medical technology company says the cuts are due to the medical device tax, which is in obamacare. two-thirds, americans between 45 and 60 are putting off retirement due to financial losses during this recession. >> gretchen: a fox news alert. tense negotiations underway in alabama between police and a gunman still holding that five-year-old boy hostage. he's hiding out in an underground bunker, going on day three now and the details just get more bizarre. >> steve: craig boswell is watching in midland city, alabama. craig? >> good morning to you. certainly an air of anxiousness beginning to creep in as the town tries to stay focused and not get frustrated knowing very little about the ongoing
4:27 am
negotiations going on, just about a half mile behind us. you might be able to see, now that we have daylight, this structure with light coming off. it's behind that structure beyond that is where the land is where the suspect here l jamie lee dykes, has this bunker. our animation can show you. looks like based on police and witness accounts, about eight by six feet, buried four feet underground. we're told he has electricity and the community here really holding a lot of prayer vigils, community vigils, hoping the suspect, mr. dykes, will release this five-year-old boy he's held for more than three days. >> he doesn't know what's going on. we know that he's crying for his mother and his grandparents. why he does not release this young boy to his family is hard for me to understand. >> the why, the big question. the accused shooter accused of shooting the bus driver,
4:28 am
mr. charles pole land, junior, who has been driving buses in this county for 2009. we're told by neighbors and witnesses that he was driving the bus until his wife could retire in a few years, making extra money. he is hailed as a hero for forgetting those children on the bus. the mother of the boy who is being held hostage basically staying out of the limelight, but we're told hanging with the local minister here, really just kind of hanging on by a threat at this point. back to you. >> steve: craig, in the animation it shows a little television. is that so the guy can watch the news coverage or something for the little boy to watch? >> we're told kind of both. f.b.i. had asked us to be careful of the video we showed just in case he was watching that news coverage, an indication he likely was. with the electricity, we're hoping that he has heat because it is very, very cold here at night and in the mornings. >> steve: good point. >> gretchen: horrible story. hoping for resolution sometime
4:29 am
today. thank you. coming up, the same group that grades your toaster now grading cancer. "consumer reports" with the screening test that you should get, according to them, and the ones that you can skip. you want to hear this one. >> steve: plus, want to be mvp of your super bowl party on sunday? you better know how to cook. if you don't u got to watch. tips to make you a star easily this super sunday. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and class-leading 38 mpg highway...
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viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed ed treatment is right for you. >> gretchen: super bowl weekend and that's exciting because it always means brian gets to go and cover it wherever it is. you realize next year, brian, you have to do it right here in new york. but now you're in new orleans, you got a very special audience. >> brian: absolutely. we'll be on the field and be there with you and steve hopefully. right behind me, very privileged to have with us louisiana naval air station over in new orleans and thanks so much to sienna for rustling up everybody and being here. >> that's our job. >> brian: having your gig over the last ten years has not been easy between bp and katrina. >> everybody is pretty much trained now. we do a lot of training missions with hurricane missions, with anything with emergencies. >> brian: and that's what you've
4:34 am
been asked to respond to? >> yes, sir. >> brian: and in terms of katrina, what were you asked to do? you personally were in the super dome, weren't you? >> yes, i was. we were there to help with special needs, first responders, setting up cots, medical squadron for the army and international guard. special needs people and elderly. >> brian: it went much different. >> after a couple of days, yes. then we started getting the public in and getting everybody situated and trying to keep everybody safe. >> brian: and in the end, you must have looked at the super dome days after and thought to yourself, how are they ever going to clean this place up? >> yes. it was destroyed. we knew it had to be gutted. tear down, no, i don't think so. but that's my personal opinion. >> brian: right. when obviously it turned out great. it looks fantastic. they've got to host a super bowl. when you think about new orleans now, are you proud of how far you've come? >> very much. the city looks great. everybody is happy. everybody is in spirits.
4:35 am
it's traditionally new orleans. >> brian: what is more exciting, seeing an alligator running around on field turf or seeing drew brees and the alligator? what is your choice? >> having you guys here. >> brian: having "fox & friends"? >> absolutely. everybody is happy to see you. >> brian: whose idea was it to get up this early and come down? >> captain brown. >> brian: we appreciate it. even in breaks, they stand here at attention. i feel so bad. steve has that type of discipline, but gretchen doesn't, as you know. in a moment, we're going to get to feed these guys because sandra lee is here with super bowl cuisine. for some reason, no one has the guts to pull out alligator. he's still walking around. check him out right behind. >> gretchen: i bet sandra lee has guts. she might make a gator salad out of them. >> steve: i'm sure she's got a recipe. >> brian: maybe there is a soup. look at this. >> gretchen: turtle soup, gator soup, what's the difference? >> brian: got nothing to say. for some reason they keep putting him by the cheerleaders.
4:36 am
>> steve: we've got a split show from new york and new orleans because sunday is super bowl when millions of people will be watching to see if jim nance does lip sync his play by play. >> gretchen: beyonce making it clear she will be singing live. >> steve: who? >> gretchen: beyonce. now to the headlines. one of the president's former top officials under investigation for possible insider trading. securities and exchange commission subpoenaed e-mails and messages from the marwood group to clients from 2010. the sec booking to see if the official who works for marwood kicked off clients about delays in a diabetes drug which may have led them to profiting from the stock market. >> steve: meanwhile, you bruise, you lose. the government is suing anheuser-busch to put the merger of budweiser and corona on ice. the justice department says the $20 billion move would likely lead to higher price for suds because the country would control nearly half the u.s.
4:37 am
beer market. budweiser says it will fight the suit in court. >> gretchen: an update to a story we told you about on wednesday. indiana police officer and his wife nursed a dying fawn back to heal. there is the fawn. only to be threatened with jail time for having it in their possession. but now the governor might pardon the case. mike pence asked the department of natural resources to explain its charges against the couple. >> steve: and now on to some extreme weather across the country right now causing massive pileups in the midwest. this is the scene, that's near detroit on interstate 75. heavy snow, whiteout conditions leading to that mess. at least three people were killed, including two kids. around 300 cars were involved. it was one of those chain reaction crashes. in indianapolis, similar conditions causing a 40-car pileup, leaving seven people hurt. a little further down the road, three elephants stranded. a tractor-trailer carrying them
4:38 am
slid off the road. but the elephants were not hurt. folks down south are still cleaning from you this week's tornado. it was so big t actually measured four times the width of the georgia dome. >> gretchen: let's go back to brian now, who is going to be throwing a bit of a super bowl party with sandra lee. lucky you. >> brian: yeah. she's here from the food network and cooking channel. she's upon us here in new orleans. sandra lee, thank you for coming. i'm going to take this out because there is a delay. so you'll be my cue. this looks elaborate, fantastic. >> but it's super easy. thank you for having me. it's always nice to be with the family. >> brian: fantastic. >> so it's really easy. everything is about setting up a buffet in and a bar. but first of all, i want to thank l.j. for hosting me because that tv right there, i feel like vanna white, that's
4:39 am
the l.g. ultrahigh def. >> brian: so let's get to work. >> that costume there, the only way that could be better is if it's in your hand and i'm making it for you. this super bowl is all about setting up bars. you're going to do a hoagie bar. now, you and i it as hoagie, here in new orleans, they call it a muffalet, a bar, which is all sorts of great sandwiches and fillers. instead of normal lettuce, you'll use butter lettuce. and to pump up the flavor, some basil. then use things like roasted red peppers instead of tomatoes, cocktail kind. i know you like good cocktail in the morning. >> brian: the bloody maries are something very popular, especially on super bowl sunday if made right. are you a horseradish woman? >> i am. now, this is going to be -- are we practicing or is this the real deal? are you walking in live on this? he's going for your bloody mary.
4:40 am
this is your tomato juice. put in a little bit of cocktail sauce. that has your horseradish in it, it's perfectly measured out so it's not too hot. i like a little bot. put in hot sauce and then worcestershire. now, we're going to turn the garnish into basically a salad. take anything you like. so you'll do this. this is what you use to garnish. do you like asparagus? >> brian: not in the bloody mary necessarily. >> it's okay. you make those decisions. i'm going to turn you on to something new. olives. are you comfortable? >> beth: now i'm comfortable, sure. anybody like bloody maries back there? a lot of yeses. >> i want to see i.d.'s, girls. you'll be in bed by 8:00 o'clock.
4:41 am
>> brian: i think is a p. you definitely know what you're doing. we have the wings over there to wrap up here. >> super easy. bake those in the oven. get your wings because they are selling out everywhere. in the refrigerator, then what you want to do, the sauce is simple. equal parts hot sauce, equal parts butter. mix it together. he's it up, melt it down. then just baste it over the top, back in the oven, five minutes you are rock. >> brian: that is what you do. injure lg television, you put it behind you, you have the great spread. >> can go out for a pass? >> brian: i will. as we do that, i'll have somebody cover me. who is going to cover me? anybody? okay. let's go. double cover now. ready? >> gretchen: brian wants a cheerlead to cover him. >> steve: of course. ld, lgv another drink, brian. >> gretchen: exactly.
4:42 am
we'll be back down to new orleans in just a moment. but coming up next, you may think cancer screenings will save your life. but believe it or not, there are some you should skip? we'll tell which you ones are the best for you and which ones you should pass on. >> steve: then he said stop in the name of love. but this wedding proposal could lead to the slammer instead of the chapel i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate.
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to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. and you'll only find it in one place: at a sleep number store. where right now, during the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599 . and you can save an astonishing 50% on our innovative sleep number limited edition bed. you won't find your sleep number setting at an ordinary mattress store. you'll find it exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort...individualized. >> steve: fox news alert for you on this friday morning. as we've been telling you, former three-term new york city mayor ed koch has died early this morning. the larger than life mayor was being treated at a new york city hospital for fluid build-up in his lungs. he was moved to intensive care yesterday and passed away overnight. we'll talk to geraldo rivera at the top of the hour who knew him. the former mayor was 88 years
4:46 am
old. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks very much. most people think cancer tests are a good thing to help with early detection. but it turns out there are some cancer tests you should skip? here with all the details, director of "consumer reports" health rating center, dr. john santa. good to see you. some people are saying "consumer reports" now into the medical field of giving advice and here is the startling report you've come out with. you're only recommending three cancer screenings for otherwise healthy people. right? >> that's right. we're talking about people who are not at high risk for a cancer, which is most of us. >> gretchen: let's take a look at the good screenings, according to "consumer reports." they are cervical cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer. why did these three make the cut? >> all of these tests, again, in people who are not high risk end up in saving lives. and preventing problems downstream. they're good tests. they can easily be delivered to
4:47 am
lots of people. >> gretchen: so we saw cervical cancer. here is colon cancer. so much has been made about people getting colonscopies. the age, 50. so that's the starting point, unless you have family history, right? >> that's right. there is three good screening tests for colon cancer. colonoscopy and two others, and an annual test to look for blood in the stool is just as good as those two. >> gretchen: when should women have mammograms, especially with obamacare coming into full force in to 2014 and all these panels. you say it's good screening. >> we do. for women 50 to 75, it saves lives. it can be done every couple of years. for women between 40 and 50, it helps. not as much as women 50. few more false positives and biopsies for the women who are in their 40s. they need to know that. but it's a reasonable test to
4:48 am
have. >> gretchen: now here is what's not recommended and people will be startled by some of this information. starting with a screening for prostate, ovarian, bladder, lung, skin, oral, pan cratic and testicular cancers. the two that jump out at me right away are prostate and skin. why not? >> in the case of prostate cancer, that's the most controversial. this is a blood test. a lot of men are up at sports stores or athletic events, mobile vans thinking they'll just have their blood tested for prostate cancer. >> gretchen: i've been telling my husband to do it. what are you going to say? >> you need to realize that once they have that test, if it's positive, it's going to be very hard to weigh what you should do before they have the test, they need to know that of the 1,000 men who have a positive test, about one will have their life saved. three will have serious complications from the
4:49 am
treatment, possibly death. and 40 will end up incontinent or impotent. each man needs to decide for themselves whether that makes sense to them. >> gretchen: what about skin cancer? there has been a lot of talk about that. you're saying you shouldn't have that once a year dermatology appointment? >> that's right. if you're in a family who has had skin cancer or had skin cancer in the past or you've had many sunburns in the past or you have lots of moles, it's fine four to go in and be checked. but we shouldn't be lining up for dermatologists to look at our full body. it doesn't pay off. >> gretchen: before you leave, the full body scans, yes or no? >> no. the full body scans are much more likely to find some odd finding and then you need more tests to figure it out. much more likely toned up with a false positive that will harm you, not help you. >> gretchen: interesting research. the director of "consumer reports" health rating center, dr. john santa, thank you so much. >> thank you.
4:50 am
>> gretchen: he's got an aussie accent. so how did hugh jackman sound like this? >> how many times did you ask sam whether or not his daughter's learning disorder was caused bay genetic abnormality? >> gretchen: kevin mccarthy sits down to find out with his movie reviews. first on this day in 1967, tommy james and the shondells with "crimson and clover" rite recipe? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough.
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4:53 am
>> brian: quick headlines for you here in new orleans. social media giant facebook is getting a spinoff and it's just for conservatives? founders say they are sick of, quote, liberals censorship on facebook and getting their own site called the tea party community.
4:54 am
it will officially launch tomorrow, but already has 50,000 members. and stop in the name of love, hundreds of members of this motorcycle gang blocking a major highway in los angeles to help one of their own pop the question. guess what? she said yes. steve? >> steve: that's good. thank you very much. zombies hit the big screen today, but is america ready for another doom human/supernatural romance kind of movie? here with his review for warm bodies and other movies coming up this weekend, movie critic kevin mccarthy, the founder of nerd, a fox news contributor and kevin, congratulations, you've got your own animation now. >> that's awesome. i'm geeking out about it. >> steve: tell bus "warm bodies." >> this is very comparable to the twilight series. twilight you had a human being fall not guilty love with a vampire. this is -- parents, this won't be in their demographic.
4:55 am
if you have a teenage son or daughter, this is right up their alley. i'm 28, i really enjoyed t. i thought it was a clever, well written, very funny, very witty comedy. and nicholas holt who plays the zombie, he becomes more and more human as the movie goes on because of the love. the interesting thing about this film is the social commentary in the beginning, there is an aspect of how we as humans in real life have become glom bees. always on our cell phones, never really interacting face-to-face. i thought that was an interesting almost to put in a teen-ager film. the only problem is in the beginning, it starts off strong, there is a slow part in the middle where it's about ten minutes where it drags. overall, it's a very well done film. i think people will really enjoy it. i gave the movie a 3 1/2 out of 5. what i find fascinating when you watch the movie, you hear these accepts, nicholas holt is a british actor and there is a british actress. in the film they have an american accent. i asked them what is the toughest part about nailing the
4:56 am
american accent. shear what they said? >> the ah sound is quite difficult. >> everyone always asks me as an aussie to say no because it sounds like ten syllables. so i would say the r's are the hardest. or the os are the hardest. >> that's fascinating. i sat down with hugh jackson a while back and i asked him 'cause he goes from australian to american all the time. what is the secret sentence that they uses to jump from accent to accent. it's mind blowing. check this out. >> stole it from johnny depp. i heard him do an interview that he has a sentence he will say that contains every vowel or con son ant change.
4:57 am
silly little thing. >> i gave the movie a 3 1/2 out of 5. check it out. if you're a teen-ager, i think it's really for that audience. >> steve: lightning round. two more movies. tell us how you grade them. >> "bull to the head," new movie with stallone. this is a film that i feel like does a great job with the action, but look at the title. the title does not help hollywood and movie violence. it's gotten more and more over the past couple decades. look back at the original rambo in the '80s. one death in that movie. then fast forward to 2008 rambo, 236 deaths in that film. i give this movie a 2 1/2 out of 5. it's a good action movie, has a good audience, but worth the rental. if you're a big chan, check out the matinee. finally. >> steve: we're out of time, but you give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. >> yes.
4:58 am
alan arkin. fun movie. >> steve: mr. show biz in tinseltown, thank you very much. we'll see you next week. >> thanks. >> steve: straight ahead, fox news alert. we're following a deadly exchange outside the u.s. embassy in turkey as al-qaeda says it has something big planned. geraldo rivera is coming up. is he going to be senator rivera one day soon? don't blow may kiss, pal. come here and talk new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy. new honey bunches of oats greek.
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5:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's friday, february 1, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. a loft news today. fox news alert. this is a live look outside the u.s. embass in turkey where police say a homicide bomber just blew himself up. at least two people are dead. details on this developing story straight ahead. >> steve: from television to capitol hill, can that man right there, geraldo rivera, be the next senator from the garden state of new jersey? we are going to have his
5:02 am
mustache parked here on the curvy couch and find out answer straight ahead. mr. kilmeade, come in. >> brian: the gladiators of the gridiron are not the only stars this sunday. the elite athletes of the puppy bowl with getting ready for prime time. a preview of the big event live because "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ . >> brian: all right. that is the marching band who will march here "the saints come marching in," along with the cheerleaders. they came marching in this
5:03 am
morning just for your listening pleasure. they started back in 2005 and for my money, the green wave has never sounded better. >> steve: very nice. >> brian: what do you have to match that? i know you have your concert series. >> gretchen: what are you holding? >> brian: this is an alligator. they've given this to me. now this alligator will never attack me because i knew it when it was young. i will meet this alligator in the swamp years from now in a reality show and you will see, he will not go after me. >> gretchen: guess what, brian? when we were at the villages and you and i wrestled alligators, that was my guy. you wrestled the big one. i pinned that one. >> brian: i think he really likes me. >> steve: be careful with t. that's a live critter. we don't want peta calling. weigh in as well, we got her rally live on the couch. we got a bunch of break news. you were friends, you covered ed koch for many years.
5:04 am
three-time mayor of new york city who died this morning at age 88. >> i've known him since the 1970s. elected mayor at a time the city was in the worst possible shape it could possibly be. 1977. he served three fantastic terms. how am i doing became his catch word. he was honored just a year ago. they named the queens burrough bridge the koch bridge. we spoke two weeks ago. i'm sure he did the last broadcast interview of his life with me. we spoke about chuck hagel, senator, former nebraska senator and the confirmation hearings that were looming then two weeks ago for his position, prospective position as secretary of defense. mayor koch was against senator hagel because of his equivocal stance in the mayor's eyes, on israel and some of the statements that he had made about the jewish lobby and so forth. but he was open minded. he was anticipating the hearings
5:05 am
that went so disasterously yesterday. the fact is two weeks ago, january 14, that's when we spoke, he was alert, he was lucid and out of the hospital, between visits. and very optimistic and weak, but totally together, a wonderful, wonderful man. i mourn his passing. >> gretchen: what's so sad is they had just made a documentary about his life. he missed the premiere tuesday night because he had been readmitted. it will be interesting to see. i beat lot of people will want to see that. >> i hear the documentary is terrific. unblinking, unvarnished man who was controversial in his time, but who did a fantastic job and really turned the city around. i really miss him. he was so new york. >> steve: the other break news story this morning, there was apparently a homicide bomber outside our embassy in turkey. >> well, you know, we have -- we're very fearful now of a whole new assault on american interests in the middle east and in north and west africa. the algerian raid i think is
5:06 am
part of this same puzzle here. al-qaeda is as we scattered them from their home base in afghanistan and pakistan. >> steve: wait, we don't have them on their heels? >> we have them on their heels there in south asia, but now they have spread -- they are going to where we ain't. we ain't in north africa and we ain't in west africa. turkey is a situation that the turkish government will try to root out the source of this evil. but we need to be very vigilant and we have to -- benghazi was the wake-up call. it will be a different geography than over the last decade, but equally serious and we have to keep them off shores. >> gretchen: you talked about north africa, a lot of people remember hearing president obama during the campaign saying al-qaeda, owes he is is dead. al-qaeda is on the run. but now it's my understanding that we've been able to set up some sort of a drone base in the country of niger because of the situations that are escalating in north africa.
5:07 am
>> you know, talking about that vacuum again, the one thing we did not have clearly in benghazi, eric bolling and i fought about it on this couch, we had no military assets to rescue our people. we had nothing in place. we didn't have any drones armed with missiles that could have intervened in libya, the country on the right. algeria, the gas plant that was hit was right on the algerian-libyan border. we had nothing there. so now in niger, a country just below algeria, we have, gretchen as you point out, now negotiated a deal where we can have our drones based and from that base in the northwest africa there, we can keep our eyes on this emerging crisis with the remnants of al-qaeda. they're like a mcdonald's now. they're franchise. you close one down, they'll open one across the street. that's what they've done in that region of africa. we've got to crack down. >> steve: brian? >> brian: i just want to weigh
5:08 am
in on this. when it comes to al-qaeda, the investigation in benghazi, the whole reason why it's important now with the election over, and i think the motivation should be very clear, it is, what did you learn from benghazi? our other embassies safe because al-qaeda has made it clear they will attack western interests and western workers around the world in their region. nobody is actually more in danger than they are right now. that is why it's important for everyone to be candid and honest about benghazi, what they did and didn't do because nobody else can be safe with if we don't learn from what happened. don't you agree? >> i totally agree. lindsey graham yesterday at the chuck hagel hearing said one of the good things to come out of the confirmation process, whether or not he makes it now is in question, i think is very doubtful after yesterday, but one of the things lindsey graham said, the good thing is that the next week or two, the senators of the united states will hold true, substantive hearings about the facts and circumstances surrounding the benghazi
5:09 am
tragedy. so we will come to know who knew what and when they knew so we can fix whatever the problem was and never again can u.s. state department or other officials be put at risk. the one thing i will note about the turkish suicide attack, it seems to be very dramatic, but also very ineffective. only two dead -- only. one of whom is the suicide bomber himself. they didn't penetrate the embassy there. >> gretchen: yeah, but it's a scare tactic of going after an embassy again. you had the benghazi situation and now turkey, which many people feel was a safe country. >> steve: that was good answer, senator. you spoke about being in the senate and you created quite a fire storm yesterday on your radio show when you said, you know what? i am seriously giving thought to running as a republican in my home state of new jersey against cory booker potentially. >> it will either be mayor cory booker, the charismatic mayor of newark, the largest city in the state, or five-term 89-year-old
5:10 am
formidable senator lawton burg. they've final registration advantage in new jersey. menendez just trounced my trend in the senate race back in november where the president, president obama carried the state in a tidal wave. but i really do believe, as a modern republican, that there is a point of view that is unrepresented in states like new jersey. there can be a new vitalization of the republican party, a concept where we extol the virtues of good business and fiscal policy and we fight the deficit and we don't advocate the printing of money in obscene amounts just to cover our debts. we have to rein in entitlements. >> steve: look at that! you've already got your stump speech down. if you do run for senate, though, you can't be on tv or the radio. >> you know, the senate race is still a good year away, steve.
5:11 am
so i've got some time to hone a message, get around and ride my harley to all parts of garden state. >> steve: look, i think brian's got a campaign -- >> i hope i can count on brian. >> brian: a new bumper sticker. >> gretchen: are you going to do it? >> i very well may. erica and i are talking about it. remember, i believe in immigration reform. i believe in gay rights and gay marriage. i believe in choice. not obscenely, but i believe in roe v wade. so you have to take my fiscal positions on being a republican who believes that we have to bail out future generations rather than in debt future generations with some of these social policies that aren't in sync with traditional politics
5:12 am
in recent years. >> brian: what role will craig rivera play in this, if any? answer the question, geraldo. >> he'll be my emissary to chris christie, or governor. i think i need a go between. maybe he'll do the campaign documentary. >> steve: very nice. if you do run, you got to come back. >> i'll be here every friday until such time as it's no longer legal. [ laughter ] >> brian: whoever loses, will take your spot. maybe it will be loutenburg every friday. >> steve: loutenburg at large [ laughter ] >> brian: 89, he's got the vigor. >> gretchen: you're on the top of the news charts, as always. you just have a flair for doing that. good to see you. keep us posted. >> steve: have a super sunday. >> i will. i look forward to the chicken wings. >> gretchen: now for other -- >> brian: get out of my spot. >> gretchen: brian, i need to do a couple headlines, and then we'll talk football again. new audio leased from the alaska
5:13 am
airlines plane forced to make an emergency landing after one of the pilots passed out. >> last i heard he was on oxygen probably wait 'til we got to the gate. >> gretchen: the plane did land safely in portland, oregon. the pilot was taken to the hospital. there is no word on his condition or why it happened. no one else was hurt. warning this morning about something that might be in your head cabinet. the company that makes triaminic and thera flu. reports that kids were able to open the child proof caps. at least one child needed medical attention. three young boys are safe from icy waters by prisoners. the brothers' canoed tipped over in the fast moving current. the group heard it near a washington state river. they say they aren't heros. they just did what anyone else would do. >> just 'cause we're in incarcerated doesn't mean we're
5:14 am
bad people. we made bad choices in our life, but we're just like anybody else. we're just doing -- paying our debt. >> gretchen: cops say the three boys and two of the prisoners were taken to the hospital with mild high though thermia. the inmates serving time for nonviolent crimes. those are your headlines. >> steve: fast thinking. straight ahead, a terrifying hostage situation still unfoaling. a five-year-old boy being held underground, up there in a bunker. it's his third day. we're live in alabama with the latest. >> gretchen: the only performance enhancing drugs these guys use is puppy chow! that's right. it's time for the puppy bowl and they will battle it out here live. >> steve: we're still live from new orleans and super bowl xlvii as we put them through the paces at the nfl experience [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
5:15 am
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5:18 am
>> steve: we've got a third fox news alert for this half hour. tense negotiations underway right now in alabama between police and a gunman holding a five-year-old boy hostage. he and the boy are hiding out in an underground bunker and it's going on right now. it's day three and things just got more bizarre, if that's possible. >> gretchen: craig bodieswell is watching the developments live in midland city, alabama. what can you tell us? what's the latest? >> good morning to you. those talks ongoing. there is very little evidence from our vantage point of a lot of activity. this is all going on behind us about a half mile. remember, this time yesterday, there was a lot of activity. there were helicopters coming and going. but this is taking place, this negotiation, just beyond that structure and just in front of that line of trees where this suspect here, mr. jimmy lee dykes, has built this underground bunker where he has taken this child after allegedly shooting this bus driver.
5:19 am
remember, this started tuesday. we have an animation which shows what the bunker looks like that he built by himself about eight feet by six feet. it's covered over by four feet of dirt. so basically they're talking to this gentleman and listening to this little boy through a pvc pipe. people are trying to hold on to their focus and trying to not get frustrated with their lack of information, but they're holing on to hope that this man will release this five-year-old boy. >> he doesn't know what's going on. we know that he's crying for his mother and his grandparents. why the shooter does not release this young boy to his family is hard for me to understand. >> we're told he does have electricity. he has a television. we're just hoping that he does have some heat in this bunker that's underneath the ground because it does get very cold here at night and in the morning. guys, back to you. >> gretchen: craig, thanks so much for that update. such a heart breaking story. we hope for resolution today.
5:20 am
thanks. >> steve: coming up, she stole america's heart while winning gold. gabby douglas dishes on her climb from living in a car to standing tall on the world stage. >> gretchen: then who says they can't be friends? >> hello. hello. >> there you go. >> give it to him, that's all i got. >> have a nice day. >> gretchen: the mailman's four legged helper. he says that's his favorite part of the day. imagine that. right back with the puppy bowl, too. oh!
5:21 am
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>> steve: quick friday morning
5:24 am
headlines for you. the two djs who pranked kate middleton's nurse won't face charges. there is no evidence to support a manslaughter charge and any other charges aren't in the public's interest. the pair had their show canceled by their bosses earlier this week. a tragic ending to this horrific crash. it's hard to watch at the x games. snowmobile machine rider caleb moore died yesterday morning at a colorado hospital. 25-year-old snowmobile landed on top of him after he fell performing a stunt last week. he was taken to the hospital immediately with a concussion and internal bleeding. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: that's a sad story. once again we partnered up with the apprentice program for black history month. it was started by roger ayles to support diversity inside the who is here tond i'm joined by kick off the series with a special lady who won our hearts
5:25 am
at the recent london olympics. we're talking about gabby douglas. >> yeah. i have not heard that aap music. that is snappy. i like that. >> gretchen: just for you. we break it out. >> i love it. good to see you this morning. >> gretchen: you, too. >> gabrielle douglas has been the toast of america since the games. she's a two - time olympic gold medal, a teen-ager on quite a journey. gabby repeatedly sat down with me to talk about tougher times, her drive to succeed, and how she overcame the doubters to bring him olympic gold. >> the girl known as the flying squirrel takes home gold. >> we have our next mary lou. >> gabby douglas, the first african-american to become the all around. does it ever get old hearing that? >> never gets old. >> martha karolyi, you weren't the coach's favorite. suddenly you found this inner thing to take it to the next level. how did you do that? >> i knew it was my dream to go to the olympics and if i didn't
5:26 am
make it to the team and go to the gym, i would have so much regret. >> sounds like you have a knack for surprising people, right? >> i do. i mean, they say, where does she came from? >> she came from virginia beach, raised by her mother. she and her they siblings were close. what they lacked in money they made up for in emotional support. how tough did it get is this. >> really tough. >> at one point you weren't even in your home. >> no. >> what happened then? >> i was about two months old, so i don't really remember, but my mom told me stories that they were living in a van and that was my motivation. >> at six, her mother scraped together enough money to put gabby in a gymnastics class. as her talents bloomed, her drive took over. if she wanted to make it to the olympics, she knew she'd have to leave home and train with a world class coach. that meant moving to west des moines to work with coach, the
5:27 am
same one who helped shaun johnson win olympic gold. >> i'm like oh, yeah. this is going to be easy. it wasn't easy. >> what was it like being there as a person of color? >> it was not really different because i'm kind of used to the gyms not having very many african-americans. so it wasn't that much of a shock. >> i know at one point your host family had a joke that they would try to play just to kind of poke fun at the fact that life in iowa was different from where you came from. >> it's a game called a punch for you game. >> what's it called? >> punch buggy game. every time we would see black person, we like, black person. [ laughter ] >> i have not heard of that. >> i mean, you have to turn negativity into like a positive thing and just make a joke out of it. >> from what i've read and from what i know about you, it turned out it really wasn't negative. it was just different. >> i knew i had a dream to follow and i wasn't going to let anything or anyone stop me from
5:28 am
accomplishing that dream. >> you did, too. rapid fire five questions. these are injures for fun. you've met everybody. i saw a picture of you, you were on the cover of essence, hi bought five of. [ laughter ] >> thanks. >> so i could send them out as gifts. the person you would now most like to meet? >> beyonce. >> wow, that was easy! [ laughter ] your handle on twitter? >> gabby doug. >> easy. favorite food? >> sushi. >> sushi? wow. okay. sounds gook. favorite pop star? >> justin bieber? >> no. i'm going to have to go with one direction. >> awesome. why do they call you the flying squirrel? >> because i can fly. >> once she arrived in london last summer, she flew above the rest. >> that's the thing, it doesn't matter how much money you have, doesn't matter your background or the color of your skin. if you believe and trust in yourself 100% and you want to accomplish your dreams, i mean, you can do it.
5:29 am
>> when that doubt starts to creep in, 'cause it does for all of us, what do you say to yourself? >> i don't give in to that stuff. i mean, i want to rise above that and i want to say i can do it and i will do it and i'm going to show how i will do it. >> if people were pulling at you from every direction, began oh, we want you to do this. gabby, it's your time do this. you, though, in your heart of hearts, what's next for you? what do you want? >> i'm -- i think it will be fun to attend two olympic games. i'm focused. >> no female gymnast has competed in back to back olympics since domimique dawes. you just said we're going to see the flying squirrel in rio in 2016. is that right? >> i hope so. if all goes well, then you'll be seeing a lot more of me. >> a special thanks this morning to sun burst gymnastics in up, new jersey, for letting us film some of the amazing pictures you just saw of gabby in herpes. she's a remarkable young woman
5:30 am
and according to her coach, gabby is taking a little time off from the hardest training in the gym. but she has another book coming out in the spring called "raising the bar." it's all pictures of her life since winning olympic gold. well, next week, we'll introduce you to captain gail harris. her story takes us from a little girl with big dreams, who eventually becomes the highest ranking woman in the u.s. navy. so thrilled to be with you this morning on the curvy couch. each friday this month sharing the history that we all share as americans. >> gretchen: that was a great piece. we were honored to have gabby here on the curvy couch. she talked a lot about her faith, being an inspiration in her life as well. thanks for bringing that to us. >> sure. the whole time we were sitting here, we were being barked at. tell people why. >> gretchen: yes. because puppy bowl is coming up! >> i love it. >> gretchen: it's one of my favorite times of the year. >> all right. i'm glad i'm here. >> gretchen: we'll have the puppy bowl. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> gretchen: i give god 10%.
5:31 am
why do you get 18? hear from the pastor who left that note on her receipt and she tipped off one waitress, coming up. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. with fancy feast mornings gourmet cat food. (announcer) plusmake mornings special, mornings are delicious protein rich entrees with gden veggies and egg. fancy feast mornings. the best ingredient is love.
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>> steve: a fox business alert. monthly jobs numbers came out three minutes ago. and it's not terrific news. the january unemployment rate is now 7.9%. that is up from 7.8% in december. meanwhile, 157,000 jobs were added in january, less than expected. this comes as president obama yesterday dismantled his jobs council. fox business' charles payne is going to be joining us in a couple of minutes with a look at what this means for jobs in america. we'll have charles' analysis on this 7.9% number coming up. >> gretchen: john kerry officially taking over for hillary clinton as secretary of state forehead. in her farewell speech, she con graduating mr. kerry, but warning there is still a lot of work to do. >> everything i've discussed adds up to a very big challenge that requires america to adapt to these new realities of global
5:36 am
power and influence in order to maintain our leadership. >> gretchen: as she leaves office, secretary clinton issuing a strong warning about the conflict in syria. she says russia and iran are backing president assad and we should be careful about any decision to arm syrian rebels. a st. louis pastor sparking controversy over this note left for a waitress. she left no tip for the waitress and on the tip wrote, i give god 10%. why do you get 18%? well, the appleby's waitress posted it on-line and immediately went viral. the pastor says she's sorry for writing the note. >> i'm looking at my bill and it's like, 18% gratuity and i was like, oh, man. i just said t. i give god 10. why should i give you 18? i'm sorry i wrote it. it was dumb of me. >> gretchen: management at appleby's says the waitress who put it on-line has been fired for violating customer privacy.
5:37 am
looks like mailmen and dogs no longer enemies. >> here you about. give it to him. that's all i got. have a nice day. go give it to him. best part of my day. >> gretchen: best part of his day, imagine that. this golden retriever in cape cod does this every day. the mailman says the pooch greets him and asks for the mail. speaking of pooches, there is a few over there, steve. >> steve: that's right, gretch. are you ready for some puppies? these furry football fans are roughing it up. the end zone in this year's puppy bowl, they're warming up for the big game this sunday on animal planet. the ref is here to give us the odds. good morning to you, dan. how are you? >> i'm good, pumped. >> steve: the way the puppy bowl runs, and i love -- pipe down, i'm talking. i love the idea because they've got about 25 hours of pregame on
5:38 am
cbs. so why not for two hours turn over to animal planet and see these guys compete on the gridiron? >> more of a low stress kind of game than the other game that day. >> steve: so what you've got is you'll have dogs in ravens jerseys jerseys and 49ers jerseys and what's the object? >> for today's purposes, the puppy bowl is not like that. we have 63 puppies all participate not guilty a puppy football game. today we'll have them be puppy predictors and put our bowls down and which ever puppy eats the most -- >> steve: how do you get in there? >> like this. is going to be our super bowl winner. we'll take a look. some jerseys have fallen off. but let's -- >> steve: wait a minute, they're all going on that. it looks like a run away for the 49ers. the raven dog realizes with three dogs in the one bowl, i have all the biscuits to myself in the raven bowl. >> this is how the super bowl should be decided.
5:39 am
plate of cheeseburgers on either side. as you can see the 49ers are in the lead right now. >> steve: they are. so the winner would then have bark rights, right? >> yes, correct. big bragging barking rights snatch did they put this that? where did you get these dogs? >> they're from the pennsylvania spca. they've come a long way to be with us today, and all adoptable. >> steve: it looks like suddenly the gray dog there in the pink collar suddenly realized, wait a minute, there are a lot more biscuits in the raven bowl. it looks like suddenly it's about a tie. >> we'll have to see -- will be a battle to the finish. >> steve: one of the other things you'll have this year, once again, is the live puppy cam, which is fantastic. >> we have so many more cameras this year, point of view cams, blend cams, super slow motion. the fun continues. >> steve: why don't you get had there for just a second. take the bowls away. we can declare a winner. you know what? after a slow start, i'm gog have
5:40 am
to say it looks like the ravens. >> they're going to hate me right now. >> steve: let's take a look. >> after a strong lead in start from the 49ers, looks like the ravens are going to take it. >> steve: raven bowl definitely -- those smell good. very nice. okay. very nice. make sure you watch the puppy bowl on animal planet from 3 to 5 eastern time this sunday. dan, very nicely done. >> thanks for having us. >> steve: brian kilmeade, according to the puppy bowl, it looks like it's going to be a run away by the ravens. >> brian: right. i won't say a thing to collin or anybody else. but still, that's good to know. i don't even think they'll play the game once they find out. i want you to meet mark lighthazer. he's the assistant director of bands here at tulane university. when we called him and said meet us in the morning, he didn't say what time. he said i'll be there. mark, thanks for getting up. >> not a problem. it's our pleasure to be here.
5:41 am
>> brian: bringing your band behind you. what kind of a dedication does it take to play in the tulane band? >> a lot of dedication. we ask a lot of these kids, what we really try to do is create great experiences for them so they get everything they can out of the football games, what we do in mardi gras, a lot of time commitment. we offer up scholarships for them to come and participate in the band. >> brian: most of these musicians are getting some type of money. >> most of them are, absolutely. they work really hard to do what we do and represent the university in a great way. >> brian: who would ever choose the tuba knowing it weighs 25 pounds and going to be marching miles upon miles for the next four years? >> there is a certain prestige in playing the tuba, especially on the mardi gras route down here. you get out there, people love it. it's great instrument for the interaction with the crowd and all that. >> brian: we were talking before, this is -- these guys and these ladies, they're part of the team. >> absolutely. this is really a family here at tulane. most of these students are not music majors.
5:42 am
they're majoring in business, law, prelaw, medicine, those sort of things. they're really dedicated students and hard working students. they're doing this in their spare time because of their love of what they had and what they did in high school or at a different level. >> brian: you sound great. we'll hear you in just a minute. and thanks so much for the band for coming down, the tulane university marching band. in just a moment, we'll put you back into action and then you can all get some rest. all right. back to you guys. >> gretchen: thanks very much, brian. we just showed you the new unemployment rate and it doesn't look that great. so charles payne, he's on his way in to tell us what it all means. then you fell in love with their heart warming story in the movie "the blind side." >> big mike, why were you going to the gym? >> 'cause it's warm. >> do you have any place to stay tonight? don't you dare lie to me. >> gretchen: now michael orr is playing in the super bowl on sunday. the whole family here live with
5:43 am
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5:46 am
and help ensure a constant supply of clean energy. the things we build share one belief. that the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger soluons. powerful answers. verizon. >> gretchen: fox news alert. new reports that the explosion outside of the u.s. embass in turkey was a terrorist attack. take a look at this new video of the destruction there. a guard at the embassy reportedly killed and at least one other person was injured by a homicide bomber. as of now, no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. now for a fox business alert. brand-new jobs report out moments ago and it does not look great. the january unemployment rate is 7.9%. that's up from 7.8% in december. >> steve: charles payne has been look at the numbers for 15 minutes. what do you see? >> i guess not great is probably the best way to describe it.
5:47 am
came in below consensus. unemployment rate was up and i wouldn't have had a problem with the unemployment rate being higher if more people were looking for jobs. that wasn't the case. the caption rate remained the same. so what we have here is a real stagnant situation where we're just not creating jobs. other parts that really are bothersome, people unemployed a long time. 27 weeks or longer. the needle hasn't moved that up. you have to wond for that's a new normal. they are proud americans and can't find jobs. >> steve: the now normal. it's important what you mention, it could have been worse, with the participation rate, that has gone down. those are the people looking for jobs, taking part in the work force. it had been going down because so many people just simply gave up. >> for it to go lower would be mind boggling. we've seen a mass exodus from people looking for jobs, wanting to attempt to go for the american dream. i'm glad that number hasn't gone down. good news, construction was up. that's pretty good stuff.
5:48 am
and other than that, i got to be frank with you. this is extraordinarily disappointing. i got to tell you, they revised the november and december much higher. so january has been kind of spooky. we had a consumer confidence number that was significantly below estimates. yesterday we found out people made a lot of money in december, a whole lot of money, but didn't spend it. the savings rate exploded. i feel we're getting into the hunker down, little worry, obviously the payroll tax hiked for everybody. that's playing a role. not coming into this with the kind of momentum we hoped we would, at least on the economic side. >> gretchen: we know you'll be covering this on varney and company. >> i have goolsbee coming on and i want to grill him about the numbers. >> gretchen: coming up, their story touched the hearts of everyone in the film "the blind side." >> big mike, why were you going to the gym? >> 'cause it's warm. >> do you have any place to stay
5:49 am
tonight? don't you dare lie to me. >> gretchen: now michael orr's number one fan, his family, will be cheering him on because he's in the super bowl. the family joins us live next. >> steve: right now let's check in with martha mccallum for a preview of what happens on this channel this 12 minutes. >> thanks. good morning, everybody. the big question is, is the hagel nomination in trouble? we are going to ask senator roy blunt about that. and an explosion at another u.s. embassy, this time it happened in turkey. and a teacher whose racy twitter photos got her suspended, now getting a whole lot of support from students who say what's the big deal? we'll talk about that. bill and i will see you at the top of the hour look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
5:53 am
>> big mike, why were you going to the gym? >> 'cause it's warm. >> do you have any place to stay tonight? don't you dare lie to me. >> brian: that was the scene, the inspiring hit movie "the blind side" after an inspiring book. it shared the story of michael orr who is a baltimore raven and one of the best in the business and about to play in his first super bowl. but he's not the only one about to play in his first super bowl. so is his family about to watch which is harder. he and his family join us now. welcome back. >> thank you. >> brian: this time we catch up to you at the super bowl. what does this mean? >> this is the cherry on top of the sundae. you see your kid week after week out there playing and grinding it out, knowing this is the ultimate goal and finally get here, you're like oh, my gosh. it's amazingly fun. >> brian: we know what happened. at 16 years old, you see a kid that needs some help. you bring him in, you get him to
5:54 am
a great school. he ends up being this fantastic kid who rises to the challenge. goes to college and now goes pro. sean, did you picture this day when the 16-year-old came into your house? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> brian: you're not telling the truth, are you? >> not at all. we were just trying to picture the next day. i moon, there were so many challenges and opportunities and two other kids. it just became part of a big bowl of gumbo. >> brian: i understand you had dinner last night with him. what's his mindset? >> he says this is all business. i brought my food, i'm ready to go to work. this week is business. >> brian: i just found out from you that you're going to be going to the game with? >> our friend, sandra bullock. >> why not, she portrayed you? >> the "blind side" family is here. >> brian: i have to say this, you're actually tougher in real life than sandra is in the movie. >> oh, i don't know about that.
5:55 am
>> brian: you just yelledded at me two or three times and we just started. how do you deal with that? here is another moment where you take some of your boldness and help out michael in the movie on the feel. let's watch. >> he is your family. you have to proceed income tax them from those guys. okay? listen. tony here is your quarterback. all right? you protect his blind side. when you look at him, you think of me. how you have my back. how you have his. okay? >> brian: the one thing about the movie that michael has been quoted as saying is i don't like the fact that they portrayed me as a kid that did not know football. you're a coach. so he knows football, right. >> when you have a short amount of time to talk about a long span of time, you have to take liberties on each end of it. he obviously wasn't as bad as the movie portrayed him. but what they wanted to do was show the contrast of the kid who was developing himself and what
5:56 am
happens when kids have hope and opportunity. the ability he obviously already had. you don't develop that in a 20-minute scene. so yeah. hollywood is hollywood, but we didn't care. all we cared was that the message was that, look, with help and hope, kids can do anything. all he was was an example of that. >> brian: was there any jealousy when michael comes in and gets a feature movie. like hey, i'm the daughter? >> no, not at all. i'm happy for our whole family, the experience that we've had. my dad just said, it wasn't about attention for us. it was about the fact that they used our story to get a message out to the country that we're very proud of, we used as a platform. we do everything we can do to foster care and adoption. it's very close to our heart. obviously with michael being in foster care growing up. so no, this wasn't as much about
5:57 am
the family as about the message behind the movie. >> brian: which is kids need a chance. >> you got to help them out. >> brian: thanks for coming down. what's in your lap? >> i have brought cookies to you from my and my friends. >> brian: get out of here. >> wendy cookie company. obviously a ravens team. >> she never gives me one. >> they're all for you. >> brian: thanks so much. great to see you again. i guess you're pulling for the ravens. >> go ravens. >> brian: back in two minutes when someone in my family gets the flu. fact: advil not only relieves body aches and pains that can come with the flu,
5:58 am
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